vs nearshore

    There are key factors that would impact your decision on whether to use Nearshore Software Development versus Offshore Software Development:

    1. Team integration
    2. Training curve
    3. Communication problems
    4. Service quality
    5. Cultural impact
    6. Transportation cost

    All of these problems can be easily approached by choosing a Nearshore Software Development provider. There are many advantages of choosing Wirefin for your nearshore outsourcing needs:

    1. Our Development Center is located in the heart of Mexico, which places us on the same time zone as Central(EEUU and Canada) Standard Time; however we can accommodate resources to the time zone that better meets your needs.
    2. Mexico’s Culture is well known and very similar on core values than that of USA Countries.
    3. Travel to our Development Center is 2 to 4 hours from most major cities in the USA and 5 to 7 hours from most major cities in Canada.
    4. Our teams are trained on formal methodologies with (Agile) (SCRUM) being the preferred approach; which mitigates communication problems, team integration challenges and directly impacts overall quality and cost.
    5. Cost, with an overall reduction of 20% to 30% from offshore software development providers, and 30% to 50% from Inshore providers.