About the Job

As our continue training to the internals we have a program of self-study and courses.

The internals must have a minimum of 45 hour per week and to assure that always the new people that start with us, they are having the last about technology and also that understand our standards.


Our people are continuously training and updating about development tools and technical to programing, this gives better results and satisfaction with Wirefin customers.


Developing and growing a client base: Marketing our services via telephone and in-person meetings with new and existing clients to expand the utilization of our services; developing new business opportunities; managing ongoing engagements to deliver outstanding customer service to both clients and consultants; and participating in industry trade associations to increase our presence.

Successful candidates will have excellent business development, recruiting, negotiation, communication and problem-solving skills. 5+ years' experience working on an international consulting environment or large corporate environment is preferred. MBA and/or CPA highly desirable.

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Wirefin works with solutions that open source platform offer and also with commercial software.

Some of the standards that we use are Symfony2, HTML5, CS3 with Compass and SaaS.

    As part of this training internals must have good understanding and knowledge of:

  1. OOP Concept.
  2. MVC (Model-View-Controller).
  3. JSONP.
  4. AJAX.
  5. YML.
  6. Symfony 2.
  7. SASS.
  8. OOP Concept.
  9. Scrum, Agile Technologies.
  10. UML.
  11. Plsql(Procedures).
  12. Tools

  13. MAPP.
  14. NetBeans.
  15. Cornerstone.
  16. SVN.