About the Job

The Wirefin team is looking for a highly motivated Junior Web Developer to join our team designing and building our products user interfaces.

The successful candidate will be a technically proficient, self-starter with excellent communications skills and good experience on (Agile) methodologies. As team member you will be supporting other web application developers and user experience designers to ensure that all Wirefin products provide our customers with an outstanding experience.

Wirefin believes in a fun but focused development environment. We have a world-class team. Our engineering group works in an open plan with a focus on collaboration, automation, and testing.


  1. The Junior Web Developer will be responsible for UI, front-end and back-end development, applying their expertise to build products for Wirefin customers.
  2. The Junior Web Developer must possess strong interpersonal skills and deep technical knowledge across a range of technologies including.
  3. 2+ years experience building and deploying high quality, highly reliable, scalable enterprise software products in an (Agile) team environment.
  4. Experience working on small to large teams of developers building sophisticated web applications.
  5. Excellent verbal and written communications skills in both English and Spanish.
  6. Leadership skills with the ability to support other developers.
  7. Must be as much at home coding as utilizing best practices, testing, and building in quality.
  8. Knowledge and experience with PHP and PHP MVC based frameworks such as Zend/CakePHP/Symfony, Codeigniter, etc.
  9. Experience with (X)HTML, CSS, JavaScript, and AJAX. YUI2 & YUI3.
  10. Qualifications

    The Junior Web Developer must possess strong interpersonal skills and deep technical knowledge across a range of technologies including:

  11. Knowledge of cross-browser/cross-platform compatibility including knowledge of and ability to solve common associated issues as well as investigate and troubleshoot complex inconsistencies.
  12. 2+ years experience using JavaScript and AJAX libraries such as jQuery.
  13. Experience with version control systems including Subversion.
  14. Excellent analytical, problem solving, and debugging skills.
  15. Bachelor’s Degree in Computer Science or related field.
  16. Experience with fast UI prototyping, rapid iterations, (Agile) web development methodologies
  17. 2+ years experience working in a LAMP (Linux/Apache/MySql/PHP) environment.
  18. Experience with PostgreSQL.

Skills Required:

Online Retail, Selenium, Selenium RC, PHP, PHPUnit, LAMP, AJAX, HTML, CSS, JavaScript, QA Engineer, Software Engineer, Gray Box, web based applications, scripting, white box, automation, automate, perl, shell, Unix, Linux, command-line troubleshooting, XML, SQL, Apache, MySQL ecommerce, Scrum, Agile, top, netstat, vmstat, prosgreSQL

Skills Desired:

Hudson/Jenkins, CruiseControl, PHPUnderControl.

So, if you are a PHP Web Developer with good experience with scripting, automation and testing web based applications, please apply today!